Looking for a superior, long lasting upgrade for your flat roof?

Firestone EPDM is the perfect choice for your flat roofing project, offering over 50+ years life expectancy proving exceptional value for money. We also offer a set of different state of the art trims to accompany your new rubber roof giving you a very aesthetically pleasing professional finish. At MHT we have many years of expertise in rubber roofing and are approved registered Firestone installers.

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What is Firestone EPDM?

EPDM (Ethylene Propolene Diene Monomer) is a carbon-based rubber manufactured by Firestone, that has proven to be an outstanding solution for flat roofs since it launched over 40 years ago. It comes in large sheets and is applied with special adhesives, taking away the need for dangerous flames, as well as finishing up with a very aesthetically pleasing finish. We highly recommend this incredible product for roofs of all shapes and sizes.

Benefits of
Using EPDM

Long Term Solution
Increased Property Value
Aesthetically Pleasing
Clean and Safe
Flame Free Installation
Environmentally Friendly
Stable in All Weathers
Usually Laid in One Sheet
Easy to Maintain
CE Certified
BBA Approved
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