Take your new roof to the next level and upgrade to a living green roof

We can install and landscape a beautiful green roof garden, in addition to your new flat roof using specialised sedum green roof blankets or trays, and optional stones, slabs and ballast working with you to create and suit your own personal design. Green roofs can be laid on flat roofs but also on roofs with a pitch. We will also offer any help and advice with the crucial first few months of maintenance to ensure your new green roof sets in perfectly. There are 3 main types of green roofs, fit for different purposes, so for more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

...or turn your flat roof into a roof patio/balcony

Make better use of your flat roof by turning it into a patio, giving you more space. We can lay specialised rubber & pomenade tiles, or deck it with top quality timber on top of your waterproofed membrane. We mount safety railing and can install access solutions, giving you a brand new space to add to your home.

Benefits of a Green Roof

Reducing Storm Water Runoff
Roof Lifespan Increase
Reducing Energy Use
Climate Change Mitigation
Climate Change Adaptation
Lessening the Urban Heat Island Effect
Increasing Biodiversity
Reduced Sound Transfer
Amenity Space
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