Upgrade your flat roof with the latest top quality insulation boards on the market! Saving you money and keeping you warm for the years to come!

Most flat roofs built pre-1990 are seriously lacking in any insulation, which makes them terrible at keeping your heat in, costing you a fortune during the winter months. Even though many actually have insulation between the rafters, the need for ventilation to prevent condensation forming and rotting the timber deck inside, means that this actually creates a very inefficient flat roof. These are commonly known as cold roofs. Also, many of these cold roofs are not ventilated properly due to the lack of knowledge when built, and you could find that condensation is the problem instead of a leak.

Flat Roof Insulation

At MHTflatroofing we are experienced at fitting flat roof insulation. We use 100/120 mm PUR insulation boards, that work extremely efficiently and can usually be fitted on top of an existing cold roof by adjusting the fascias. This would be the perfect option if you are looking to gain all the positives of a properly insulated flat roof such as saving you money and keeping you warm.

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